Above: Deborah's Thoroughbred gelding, Sam.
Deborah has been a horse lover since she was a small girl. Her favorite memory is when she was a young girl walking home from school and there was a "free pony" sign in front of someone's house. "Well," she thought, "No one can pass up a free pony!" 
So she lead the pony to it's new home. Once she got home she wondered, "Where am I going to put this pony?"
After a few minutes she had a brainstorm...so up the stairs of the porch and through the living room her and the new pony walked...right into her bedroom where she played with it for about twenty minutes. 
When her mother arrived home from work...well, you can predict the rest of this story! Yes, she was allowed to keep the pony with her sworn promise to never again bring it into the house.She kept her promise.

Deborah enjoys sharing the thrill and confidence girl's experience from being around horses ~ and feels blessed to be part of it. She has completed over 64 successful Girl Scout Cowgirl events and still enjoys every one! Please contact her with any questions or to schedule your troops "A Horse Lover's Dream Day!". She's always happy to hear from fellow horse lovers! : )

Phone: (425) 418 - 8484  Call to schedule. Open 7 days per week.

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Deb Cuyle,
 Girl Scout 
Event Manager
My Wonderful Helper!
James Driscoll-  James has been helping me with the girl Scouts for about 8 years. He has such a genuine love for the program and the horses. Also actively involved in local horse rescue, he is shown here with Marvin. Marvin is 17 years old and when James and Katie first rescued him he was extremely mistrusting of humans due to the abuse and neglect he had endured. It was very difficult to even touch his head or get close to him. After many months of rehab, patience and love, Marvin now enjoys his time with humans and especially the Girl Scouts! When he was first rescued we could count every vertebrae down his back and every rib...so sad. With months of proper feeding, vitamin supplements and lots of love Marvin has made a spectacular come back! Thanks to Katie and James for all they do for local horses in need!
Scroll down to learn more about me and my wonderful team. You will also learn about the two rescued horses that are a big part of our Girl Scout Program and hear their stories!